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Number 42743 (A6)

QLD Rego: NA

Current Location: Australia – Toowoomba

Tyres: Pirelli sport Demons
Oil: Valvoline Engine Armour 15W40
Coolant: ?
Battery: Nulon Battery Sealed RevPlus (with strap around to ease removal)


History of Bike

Owner supplied information

2015 - Current: Tony Gallagher
Owner (FaceBook): Tony Gallagher

Found my old bike and restored to her previous glory.

2018? Toowoomba
Restored bike with my aunty on the back – again!
1999 - 2015: Unknown
No sensible person would have fixed this one. Found it in the state seen in 2015. Couldn’t believe I found my old bike.
1995 - 1999: Tony Gallagher
I owned it from 1995 to 1999. Sold it. Regretted it.
In Adelaide with my Auntie
Tyre testing

I might be 5 years old on my GPZ tops…

Prepared for Sale

Spraycan paintjob. Lost my licence for 6 mohths for speeding. Tidied up the bike while unlicenced. Traded in on ZZR as soon as I could. Mistake. Faster but not half as good.

Didn’t learn. Traded 1100 on new 1200 in 03. Shit bike. Then saw the light in 08 and traded on new ZRX1200R. Close to GPZ



1986-1995: Unknown
It had been crashed prior to then and had a fibreglass fairing in it when I bought it. Pain in the bum- kept cracking.

The engine number is from a later bike according to some lists online so it may have had an engine change prior to me buying it in 1995.

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GPz900R (ZX900) Database

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Top Gun

About the Site

My family loves older vehicles, the newest one we own is 2003!  But I am acutely aware of the ownership complexities especially:

  1. they often need more 'hands-on' mechanical work &;
  2. there often isn't any local expertise from the service centres;
  3. there is often no new parts available from the manufacturer;
  4. parts often have to be sourced 2nd-hand or from overseas.

So we often end up doing a lot of the research & work ourselves and this information gets stored either locally with the bike or online forums - although finding the useful parts in these forums isn't always simple.

The original goal of the site was simply somewhere for me to record service work & contacts on my GPz900r so that my kids (the one that likes bikes anyway!) could easily access it - it doesn't concern me if it was publicly available.

I then realised that with this online structure in place I could also offer it to other owners, and the site could potentially expand to record other owners experiences and expertise , meaning we can learn from others but also pass on this knowledge to subsequent owners of these wonderful motorcycles.

At least Covid-19 has given me plenty of spare time to pursue my passion for the motorcycle!


South Australia



1983 - Honda XR200
1984 - wanted a GPz
1985-2013 - cars+family
2014 - finally got one!


The information provided on this site (or links) is personal experiences from non-professional home-mechanics, so neither it's accuracy nor it's validity can be confirmed.  If you need professional advise please visit your local Kawasaki dealership or a qualified industry professional.

Like riding any motorcycle, at the end of the day the only opinion that really counts is your own!

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